Juggling Jestice

Juggling Jestice is my senior project that I have worked on over the course of a couple of years. The premise of the game is that you are a contestant in competitive juggling. You face off against an AI opponent and compete with others on an online leaderboard to see who gets the best time. It includes code that I have had to redo as I have improved at my skills, with a lot of my original code still existing in the project. I feel like it is a great showcase of how I have gotten to improve as I progressed through my degree. You can download a build of it here.

GIMM Studio

GIMM Studio was a group senior project that was worked on for two semesters that I helped lead. It acts as a showcase for Boise State Seniors in 2021, where people view each student's work through their websites. This game can be both played on desktop and Oculus VR devices, where people can still interact with each other on these different devices. My primary role was to fix bugs when putting together the team's work, creating new features, and ensuring features worked and felt consistent between the desktop and VR experiences. This project will be continued by future senior classes in the GIMM program. You can download the experience here.

Spooky Hoops

Spooky Hoops is a game that implements the use of machine learning in unity, where an AI is trained to fly through hoops that randomly spawn throughout the environment. I contributed the modified code to guide the AI though the hoops. It it trained in such a way that it is proficient at the task, but is also beatable by the player. This is one of the WebGL games that is on my playable demos page.

Egyptian Conniption

This project was called Egyptian Conniption and it has the player run though a pyramid to get to the end. I helped create the timer, rotating axe, pushing needles, and setting up an endstate for the player.

3D Art

Both of these models were created in Maya with the use of hard surface modeling, with the megaphone being a more recent model of mine. The chainsaw was the first model I made, shared to show how I have improved with my object modeling skills. I have expanded my 3D skillset to now include Blender for future models I have created.

VCV Rack Music

Created some music in one of my courses using this program called VCV rack. It incorporates the use of switches, oscillators and other components to create rhythms.