Project information

  • Category: AR/APP Development
  • Client: Boise State University
  • Project date: April, 2020
  • Project URL: Github repo

An AR app for helping autistic kids

This project was based on a team project I was a part of in the spring 2020 semester. The original project was made in Unity due to the lack of access to mac computers at the time. But, this project is now fully featured with use of Swift and had me be the development lead. Animotions is designed to help children on the Autism spectrum better understand what emotions mean and how to replicate them. The project utilizes Apple's ARKit to use face tracking to determine what emotion the user is making and to animate 3D characters users can unlock through play. It also incorporates the use of a new API called V.E.R.N., which lets users learn how tone is reflected through text.